Hawaii’s largest cycling event, held since 1981. Starting from Kapiolani Park and looping back at Swanzy Beach Park beyond Kualoa for a 100-mile (approximately 160 km) fun ride course. There are also enjoyable routes of 25 miles (about 40 km), 50 miles (about 80 km), and 75 miles (about 120 km) suitable for beginners and children. Along the way, riders are surrounded by endless blue skies and seas, passing through scenic spots like Makapuu Lookout, Kaneohe Bay Drive, and Kamehameha Highway, and encountering Hawaii’s pristine landscapes, such as Waimanalo, known as paradise’s gift.


Aloha!The entry for this year’s Honolulu Century Ride has begun.The exhilaration of cycling in Hawaii is…Such a special experience that even after nine months, it hasn’t faded.After participating just once, I can understand how regular riders feel.This sense of freedom and accomplishment is addictive!What kind of scenery will we see this year? 🌈Let’s look back at last year’s event through photos. Table of Contents 1. September 24th, 2023 At the Entry Venue2. September 25th, 2023 On the Day of the Event 1. September 24th, 2023 At the Entry Venue 2. September 25th, 2023 On the Day of the Event What kind of ride awaits us this year?Let’s meet at the Honolulu Centur […]

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Reflecting on 2023, as the year draws to a close, how has it been for all of you? It’s likely that riders from around the world have cycled through various locations this year. To wrap up the year, the Global Ride editorial team is bringing you a photo album from three international events: ‘BIKE NEW YORK (FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR)’ in New York City, ‘PORT DOUGLAS GRAN FOND FESTIVAL’ in Port Douglas, and ‘HONOLULU CENTURY RIDE’ in Honolulu. Enjoy the exclusive shots captured by our editorial team, different from the official photos!

I wanna ride on abroad.
Honolulu Century Ride 2023 Chronicle
#4 First Hawaii Ride – Test Run Episode

Sudden events led me to participate in the Honolulu Century Ride (HCR) in Hawaii, which takes place in September. I brought my road bike with me, and this is my first experience riding abroad. So far, I’ve written about the bike transportation from Japan and my initial impressions upon arriving in Hawaii. Now, let’s dive into the exciting part – my first ride in Hawaii!

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I wanna ride on abroad
Honolulu Century Ride 2023 chronicle
#3 Hawaii was incredibly Hawaii.

What kind of impression comes to your mind when you hear about Hawaii? I’ve disliked it for as long as I can remember. I thought it was a place where celebrities go to frolic, where people ride banana boats and make a lot of noise, and it was filled with “ignorance-based prejudice.” I’ve never been a fan of glitzy things. I originally studied literature, and I’m actually quite introverted. I thought I’d never go there in my life. However, life is unpredictable. I was invited to participate in the Honolulu Century Ride for an article on this website. At 54 years old, I unexpectedly found myself embarking on my first trip to Hawaii. When I wrote on Facebook […]

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Editor M’s first-time participation, what to do? #7
“Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

Two days after the event. I’m writing this while looking at the surfers off the coast of Wikiki Beach. It’s the best workcation. I wasn’t particularly interested in the southern islands, so I felt like, “Hawaii, huh?” But… Hawaii is amazing! I’m starting to understand why people keep saying that. Better late than never! I think it’s all thanks to completing the fan ride…

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Editor M’s first-time participation, what to do? #6
“Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

I’ve arrived in Honolulu. My first time in Hawaii 🌈 Even the Starbucks at the airport feels liberating 🌞 As I head towards Waikiki on the highway, I catch a glimpse of Diamond Head. Is this Hawaii… ✨ Despite battling deadlines of work during the drive, I gradually begin to feel the paradise vibes. Lush, vibrant plant life everywhere, it’s dazzling.

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