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With the motto, "Bicycles make the world a more fun place to live.

From shared bikes to fun ride events, from beginners to cyclists, we would like to help everyone involved with bicycling to lead more fulfilled and more fruitful life.

"Bicycling has made the world a much more enjoyable place. We will continue to ride so that as many people as possible will feel that way.

Honolulu Century Ride

USA / Honolulu | 2023.9.24 Sun

Hawaii's largest cycling event with approximately 2,000 riders in Honolulu. A 100-mile (160km) fun ride course starting at Kapiolani Park and turning around at Swansea Beach Park at the end of Kualoa. Of course, there are also 25-mile (approx. 40 km), 50-mile (approx. 80 km), and 75-mile (approx. 120 km) races for beginners and children (planned). The Makapuu Lookout, Kaneohe Bay Drive, and Kamehameha Highway will not only be surrounded by the breathtaking blue skies and ocean, but also the original Waimanalo landscape of Hawaii, where you can encounter the gift of paradise.


USA / NEW YORK | 2023.5.7 Sun

One of the largest fun-ride events on the planet, with nearly 40,000 riders participating in Manhattan, New York. Starting in Manhattan, the tour will travel from Sixth Avenue through Central Park to the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn, and then to Statin Island, the festival site. This is why they call it the "FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR." The 40-mile (64 km) course, with few ups and downs and plenty of aid stations, is a great way to enjoy New York City to the fullest. This is a very satisfying event that allows you to ride through New York City in May in a fresh, city-like atmosphere.



Australia's most famous fun ride event, a 100km ride from Brisbane, Queensland to the Gold Coast. With over 4,000 riders participating, the event is loved by Aussies and long ride fans alike. The bus lane, which runs about 16 km just outside of Brisbane South bank, the starting point of the event, is very popular because it is the only day of the year when the highway, which is usually only used by buses, can be used as a dedicated bicycle lane. The pastures as far as the eye can see and the coastal cycling routes are easy to ride with few ups and downs. Surrounded by cheerful and friendly Aussie cyclists, you will naturally smile. This is truly an event where you can feel Australia all over your body.

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