“Bayside Sakura Ride” to enjoy Matsushima, one of Japan’s Three Most Scenic Spots.

“Cherry blossoms” symbolize spring in Japan, displaying various expressions by the sea, in the mountains, and throughout the cities. Introducing a cycling course to enjoy the cherry blossoms, starting with Matsushima, one of Japan’s Three Most Scenic Spots in Miyagi Prefecture. Departing from Sendai Airport, the goal is Zuiganji, a national treasure. It’s about a 50-kilometer journey along the coast. We look forward to seeing what colors the cherry blossoms will paint in Matsushima. And of course, there will be delicious food to enjoy as well!

Riding through the sky. The mystical Aso ride.
Shrine areas perfect for enjoying cycling. #01

For many Japanese people, Kyushu holds a special significance. It breathes with the eternal romance of numerous myths, and the proximity of untouched nature to urban areas is remarkable. This environment has fostered the unique culture of Kyushu. Among them, Kumamoto Prefecture is an ideal place to experience the natural beauty and culture of Kyushu, with attractions such as Mount Aso (including the five peaks of Takadake, Nekodake, Nakadake, Eboshidake, and Kishimadake, as well as the outer rim and caldera), Kumamoto Castle, hot springs, and natural springs. This time, let’s introduce the Kumamoto ride, which visits the Aso Shrine, which has nurtured the culture of this area, and explores the vast scenery of the Aso Nakadake crater.

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Tokyo old town bicycle stroll #01
Collecting “Goshuin” (temple or shrine stamps)  in the Yanesen area of oldtown Tokyo-Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi.

Nice to meet you. My name is Shitamachi Kombu, born and raised in the old town area of Tokyo. I’m what you might call a third-generation Edokko (it’s said that if you live in Tokyo for three generations, you’re considered an Edokko, while if you live in Yokohama for three days, you’re considered a Hamakko). In this column, I’ll be exploring the down-to-earth neighborhoods known as “Shitamachi” in Tokyo by rental bike and sharing the charm of these areas with you. Please enjoy these casual reports.

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