Guided by Uchinanchu (Okinawan) rider Yoshiki Nagahama
Ride around Kadena Air Base
Commonly known as Kadeichi!?

Hello. I’m Yoshiki Nagahama, an Uchinanchu rider and writer. I sing while playing the sanshin*.

This is the third time this project has been held, and the destination is “U.S. Army Kadena Air Base”. Kadena Air Base, which spans one city and two towns of Kadena Town, Chatan Town, and Okinawa City, is known as this Kadena base.
If this happens, the plan is to go around by bicycle with the strong feeling that it will be a kind of tourist resource. The circumference is about 20 km.
I think it’s easy and good for those who want to go here and there on a trip to Okinawa. If the circumnavigation of Lake Biwa is “Biwaichi” and the circumnavigation of Shikoku is “Shikoichi”, then the circumnavigation of Kadena Air Base is “Kadeichi”.
Let’s go!

* Sanshin (Sanshin) _ A stringed instrument that has been handed down from ancient times in the Amami region of Okinawa. It is sometimes called “Okinawa shamisen” because of its resemblance to the shamisen.

Table of contents

1. Strategy to go around the fence to the left
2. The scenery that can be seen from “Roadside Station Kadena”
3. Why there are so many “CoCo Ichi” around Kadena Air Base
4. Aiming for Okinawa, a prefecture where bicycles are thriving

1. Strategy to go around the fence to the left

The strategy is to go around while looking at the fence to the left like this. The starting point is the Okinawa City Central Public Parking Lot.

It’s a rare opportunity to intentionally ride a bicycle around the base, even if it’s a local or shopping street. There are usually no errands along the fence. However, the fact that it is along the fence is effective, and you can pedal your bicycle comfortably because there is no traffic.

In fact, there is even a sense of openness.

Moreover, if you go counterclockwise, you will not use your physical strength at all because it is all the way down.It was so descent that I was even worried that it would go up in the second half, but I felt the wind anyway.

The road is wide and easier to drive than expected. This may be a trend!

Also, when I was riding a bicycle around the base, I saw many people who were not “shooting train” but “shooting military aircraft” holding lenses that seemed to cost about 2 million yen, which was a new discovery for me.Before I was enthusiastic about “I’m going to make Kadeichi popular and make it a tourist resource!”, It had already become a tourist resource to some extent.

2. The scenery that can be seen from “Roadside Station Kadena”

After about a third of a lap on the way down, you will see an easy-to-understand building.

It is “Roadside Station Kadena”.
The third floor is an observation deck. And what is the future of what you are looking for?

This is Kadena Air Base.

By the way, the field inside the fence that you can see below is called “acquiescence cultivation land”. Although it is military land requisitioned by the U.S. military, it is not actually used, and the original landowner has provisionally approved the use of the land. In the sense that it can be seen from the observatory, it may be the most famous acquiescence cultivation land in Japan.

It was a Sunday, so there were not many takeoffs and landings*, but the observatory was crowded with many people, including families.

* It seems that the timing of fighter jets taking off and landing for training is not made public because it is a military secret. However, according to a survey by the Kadena Town Tourism Association, there are few Saturdays and Sundays, and the months with the most departures and arrivals are December and April, in that order (from the Kadena Town Tourism Association website)

There are also a lot of shops. This is part of.
There is also such a display. (Noise indicator)

I will also have Okinawa zenzai (sweet red beans). While there is no culture of eating oshiruko (sweet red bean soup) in Okinawa, it is common to eat it like sleet. Similar sweets can be found in Taiwan.

Since it was a big deal, I decided to eat something American-like and eat a hamburger. There are many burger restaurants in Okinawa. There are famous restaurants in each region, and many people have their favorite burger joints.

“3S BURGER”, thank you for the feast. It is a popular restaurant that has won third place in a nationwide burger contest. With a full stomach and energy, let’s keep going Kadeichi.

3. Why there are so many “CoCo Ichi” around Kadena Air Base

After the Kadena Rotary, it gradually becomes more and more like an urban area.

By the way, it has been reported that the well-known curry chain restaurant “Curry House CoCo Ichibanya” occupies a fairly high sales position in Okinawa Prefecture. It is insanely popular with U.S. military personnel, and for some reason it has even been nicknamed “CoCo’s”. I’ve seen people who have been stationed in Okinawa write on SNS, “I want to go to CoCo’s” (haha).

As if to confirm this, there are three “CoCo Ichi” stores along the 20km road in Kadeichi.

Then, I entered Chatan Town.

From this area, the total recovery of what you have enjoyed so far, or rather, the amount that has been going downhill, will begin.
In terms of distance, I think it’s about the last quarter of the way.

However, the balance between the ups and downs is exquisite. As expected, Kadeichi!

In the early ~ middle stages, you can enjoy the trip itself without getting tired and with plenty of time to spare, but you will also feel that it is time to attack uphill from the middle. That’s when the uphill climb comes into play. In the center of Okinawa City, where the gate of Kadena Air Base is located, a fairly large festival was held with the road blocked.

4. Aiming for Okinawa, a prefecture where bicycles are thriving

In order to promote cycle tourism, Okinawa Prefecture has included in its basic policy the development of bicycle paths around the main island by 2030.
Okinawa Prefecture claims to be a tourism-oriented prefecture.
In addition to the beautiful sea, warm climate, wild nature, and delicious meals that exude Okinawan character, As a new way to enjoy it, I would like you to go around by bicycle and feel the atmosphere of this land everywhere!
Mensore !(Welcome !)

🚲Today’s Ride Itinerary *Based on data from accompanying riders

Ride around Kadena Air Base

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Yoshiki Nagahama
Freelance journalist, television director, and scriptwriter. After graduating from the Media Studies Program at the University of the Ryukyus, embarked on a bicycle journey from Kagoshima to Tokyo sponsored by various companies in Okinawa. Later circumnavigated the world, covering 30 countries. In 2018, held a photo exhibition showcasing shots from North Korea. In 2023, undertook the ‘Taiwan Bike Trip until Losing 10kg’ (surprisingly, accompanied by the wife). Authored ‘Okinawan Around the World! A Journey Connecting Bonds!’ (Toyo Kikaku Kobo, 2010). Founder of the XY STUDIO LLC. Born in 1986 in Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture.


Guided by Uchinanchu (Okinawan) rider Yoshiki Nagahama
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