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#06 Miho Ishigaki

Connecting people who enjoy rides.  This time, we introduce Miho Ishigaki, a model, through Akikazu Yamashita, a model and travel writer. While working as a model for sports magazines, she also participates in ride events and teaches at the gym as an instructor. During her time as a fashion model, she developed an interest in cycling as a gentle sport she could engage in, and a few years later, she won first place in the Fuji Azami Line Hill Climb. We talked to her about her experiences with riding.

Table of Contents

 1. What’s your beloved bicycle?
 2. What’s your favorite cycling route?
 3. The most recent ride event you participated in and your thoughts about it?
 4. The ride event you’d like to participate in next and why?
 5. The most memorable moment in your cycling life?
 6. Your favorite cycling gear and why
 7. What does cycling mean to you?
 Introduction of the next guest.


Name Miho Ishigaki
Job Model
Hobbies None (Cycling, which I started as a hobby, has become my job).
Cycling Experienses 11 years
SNS Instagram @ishigakimiho,1
  Facebook ishigaki.miho

1. What’s your beloved bicycle?

Specialized ROUBAIX   SL8 EXPERT Chameleon Lapis
I love that it can handle long distances and, true to its name, its color changes depending on the light. By the way… the first bike I bought was a Bianchi cross bike. On my way home after purchasing it, I was overtaken by a faster bike. Curious about what it was, I did some research and ended up buying a Cannondale a month later.

2. What’s your favorite cycling route?

From my home to Kasai Rinkai Park. It’s become a habit to eat a large serving of katsu curry at a café in the park. I can easily handle the large portion, haha.

3. The most recent ride event you participated in and your thoughts about it?

“The Oidenase Ogawa Town × TOKINO CYCLING FITNESS” relaxed cycling tour. It’s a ride tour to explore Ogawa Town in Saitama Prefecture. Although I had participated in this tour for work before, this was my first time signing up as a participant. Making udon ourselves, visiting temples, and more—it was so much fun that it felt like a dream. ✨

4. The ride event you’d like to participate in next and why?

I would like to participate in a hill climb, even if it’s a small event. It’s where I started, after all.

5. The most memorable moment in your cycling life?

Actually, I have more memories from practice than from events.
In 2018, I was selected to ride as a guest rider in the Sado Long Ride. It was a 210km ride in one day. Based on my experience, I knew I could handle that distance if I pushed myself, but since I wanted to have energy to explore Sado the next day, I needed to conserve my strength. My longest ride had been 160km, so to be able to ride further with ease, I practiced by riding from my home to Saiko in Saitama Prefecture and continuously circling the cycling course around the lake. I managed to ride the 210km on my first attempt, but I was desperate to ensure I could do it with enough energy left for the next day. I burned 4,000 calories in a day. It was really tough, haha.

6. Your favorite cycling gear and why

Ostrich bike travel bag.
It’s a handmade travel bag from a reputable and reliable company. I love its compact design and the red color. Being able to pack my bike quickly makes traveling much smoother. Currently, my packing time is six minutes, but I’m aiming for four.

7. What does cycling mean to you?

Perhaps, it’s about enjoying the time. Since around the time of COVID, I’ve shifted from a race-oriented mindset to seeking enjoyment. Cycling is a tool that can be enjoyed and shared regardless of age, profession, or affiliation. Just being cyclists together creates a sense of unity. From now on, I want to ride long and enjoyably with my friends.

🚴‍♂️Introduction of the next guest.

Miho Ishigaki, with her vibrant and lively presence, leaves a strong impression as someone who spares no effort. It’s easy to see why she has achieved such success in her challenges. The “ring-tomo” (cycling friend) she introduced is…

Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, sports journalist.

Introduction from Miho Ishigaki:
He covers cycling events and topics both domestically and internationally, including the Tour de France, making him perfect for Global Ride. He rides a road bike himself and is a wonderful cyclist with a challenging yet mild demeanor.

Please look forward to the next time as well!

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Introducing a How-To Video on Traffic Rules for foreign cyclists who are interested in cycling in Japan. In Ehime Prefecture, which hosts the largest cycling event in Japan called “Cycling Shimanami,” they promote bicycle tourism and provide an introduction to basic rules of cycling such as traffic regulations and riding on the left side of the road in English. They also explain exceptions where cycling on sidewalks is allowed and provide important points to note in such cases. Additionally, they provide clear explanations of prohibited behaviors. Please take a look at the video for more information. *Note: While basic bicycle traffic rules are generally the same nationwide, some municipalities may have their own unique rules.

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