Circle of Cycling Friends Ring-Tomo!
#07 Kazuyuki Yamaguchi

Connecting people who enjoy rides. This time, the “Ring-Tomo” introduced by model Miho Ishigaki features sports journalist Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, whom she met through an event job. His relationship with road biking began after his first job post-graduation. He joined a publishing company with the desire to write articles and was assigned to the magazine “CYCLING SPORTS,” which marked the start of his professional involvement with biking. He quickly became responsible for covering the Tour de France, and this has become a routine for him over 30 years of reporting.
We spoke with Mr. Yamaguchi about his rides, including his private experiences.

*In Global Ride, a new column will feature Mr. Yamaguchi explaining the enjoyment of watching the Tour de France. Stay tuned!

Table of Contents

 1. What’s your beloved bicycle?
 2. What’s your favorite cycling route?
 3. The most recent ride event you participated in and your thoughts about it?
 4. The ride event you’d like to participate in next and why?
 5. The most memorable moment in your cycling life?
 6. Your favorite cycling gear and why
 7. What does cycling mean to you?
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Name Kazuyuki Yamaguchi
Job Sports Journalist
Hobbies Kyudo (Japanese archery)
Cycling Experienses 38 years
   Facebook 山口 和幸

1. What’s your beloved bicycle?

InterMax’s KUOTA
About 12 years ago, I asked Daisuke Imanaka to “send me the best bike with DURA-ACE,” and I purchased it. It has been maintained very carefully, so there isn’t a single scratch. I really like the white color.

2. What’s your favorite cycling route?

It’s in the Uenomura area of Gunma Prefecture, my hometown. A few times a year, I meet up with friends, rent a cottage, and go on a one-night, two-day road trip. The rural landscape is expansive, and after covering the Tour de France every year, I look forward to returning for this trip (haha).

3. The most recent ride event you participated in and your thoughts about it?

“CYCLING OUT HOKKAIDO NISEKO KITA-SHIRIBESHI TOYA.” I helped with the planning of this tour aimed at inbound affluent tourists.
Hokkaido is wonderful.

4. The ride event you’d like to participate in next and why?

L’Etape du Tour. It’s a one-day race for amateur riders that uses the first stage of the Tour de France. This event has been going on for about 35 years. I first participated when I started working for a sports magazine, combining the experience with my editorial duties. I remember that at that time, about half of the participants were from within France. It’s simply amazing to be able to ride on that course!

©A.S.O. James Mitchell

5. The most memorable moment in your cycling life?

It might be the time I was surrounded by the Chinese Public Security Police at the Great Wall of China…

This happened in the late 1980s when I was scouting for a cycling trip as an editor for a sports magazine. At that time in China, both road bikes and form-fitting cycling suits were quite rare, so I ended up being surrounded by a crowd in the town. That’s when the Public Security Police showed up. I was really nervous… Fortunately, I was able to return home safely without any issues, but it made me aware of the cultural differences. That probably wouldn’t happen nowadays.

From the June 1988 issue of “Cycle Sports” magazine.

6. Your favorite cycling gear and why

Minato Pharmaceutical’s Rice Puree. First of all, it’s very compact and fits easily into the back pocket of a cycling jersey, which is great. The jelly-like texture makes it easy to eat as well. I don’t use a backpack while cycling because it puts pressure on my lower back. Compact tools are really convenient.

7. What does cycling mean to you?

Efficient fitness.
It burns fat effectively and raises heart rate moderately.

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Mr. Yamaguchi, with his journalist-like calm narrative and mild demeanor, leaves a strong impression. He studied French literature during his student days, and perhaps it was destiny that led him to a career where that knowledge became useful after becoming a magazine editor. The “Ring-Tomo” introduced by Mr. Yamaguchi is…

Yoshimitsu Hiratsuka / Cycle coordinator

Introduction from Kazuyuki Yamaguchi:
Although a former top cyclist, he is an instructor who ensures that even beginners can enjoy cycling. He is well-suited to introduce the charms of the Izu Peninsula. He has a refreshing personality.

Please look forward to the next time as well!

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Circle of Cycling Friends Ring-Tomo!
#06 Miho Ishigaki

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