Introduction of HOW TO videos on Japanese bicycle traffic rules.

Introducing a How-To Video on Traffic Rules for foreign cyclists who are interested in cycling in Japan. In Ehime Prefecture, which hosts the largest cycling event in Japan called “Cycling Shimanami,” they promote bicycle tourism and provide an introduction to basic rules of cycling such as traffic regulations and riding on the left side of the road in English. They also explain exceptions where cycling on sidewalks is allowed and provide important points to note in such cases. Additionally, they provide clear explanations of prohibited behaviors. Please take a look at the video for more information.
*Note: While basic bicycle traffic rules are generally the same nationwide, some municipalities may have their own unique rules.

From the Ehime Prefecture Bicycle Information Portal Site “NOTTERU!EHIME”

presented by:Ehime Prefecture Cycling Life-Style Promotion Division

BIKE TALK 2022 「Queensland, Australia Edition」
Cycling Conditions in Queensland, Australia

“BIKE TALK” – Queensland, Australia Edition -, an online talk event organized by Global Ride, was held. Paul Summers, Director of Tourism Queensland Japan, was our guest and spoke about the state of cycling in Queensland, Australia, and some of the major ride events. The talk will be facilitated by Taro Shirato (sports navigator and representative of Athlonia), a triathlete and frequent visitor to Queensland himself. Please take a look.

Circle of Cycling Friends Ring-Tomo!
#03 Shinji Iwanami

Connecting people who enjoy rides.”Ring-Tomo” from the first Japanese Tour de France participant, Daisuke Imanaka, is here with Shinji Iwanami. He’s a professional cycling guide at “HOSHINOYA Fuji.” What kind of rides has he been doing recently? Table of Contents  Profile 1. What’s your beloved bicycle? 2. What’s your favorite cycling route? 3. The most recent ride event you participated in and your thoughts about it? 4. The ride event you’d like to participate in next and why? 5. The most memorable moment in your cycling life? 6. Your favorite cycling gear and why 7. What does cycling mean to you? Introduction of the next guest. Profile Name Shinji IwanamiJob H […]