Alulu Paranhos “Bicicletinha”

During my youth, I was captivated by a music style known as Neo-Acoustic, which emerged in the 1980s in Britain as a fruit of post-punk to new wave, influenced by jazz, soul, bossa nova, and Latin, characterized by delicate acoustic pop. It’s been my impression that many record jackets in this style feature motifs of bicycles. Surprisingly, Brazilian music seems to have numerous tracks revolving around bicycles. This month, among them, I’d like to introduce Alulu Paranhos’ ‘Bicicletinha,’ a tune that might appeal to Neo-Acoustic enthusiasts.

This year’s 23-year-old Alulu Paranhos has become a prominent figure in the ‘Rio New Generation,’ gaining significant attention as a bright hope among female singer-songwriters since the emergence of artists like Ana Frango Elétrico. Her track featured on the 2021 debut EP ‘Alulu,’ which received acclaim and admiration from Brazilian music legends like Caetano Veloso and Ceu, stands as a masterpiece with its acoustic flavor that’s hard not to adore, owing much to her gentle storytelling. ‘Bicicletinha,’ which translates to ‘little bicycle,’ showcases a Brazilian touch with its endearing, nickname-like phrasing.

Moreover, what’s truly captivating is the incredibly charming portrayal of her, riding that ‘little bicycle,’ exploring Rio’s outskirts—a slightly mischievous side showcased in her music video. Alulu Paranhos, who recently released the new EP ‘Compacto de Verão Deluxe,’ presents a delightful, refreshing Brazilian tune with ‘Quando a Gente Brinca,’ marking the EP’s opening track. It’s a wonderfully airy and joyous number, quickly becoming one of my favorite tunes. Please do remember her name!


Toru Hashimoto (SUBURBIA)
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