Tank and the Bangas “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.”

In last month’s column, I mentioned the DJ party held on 27th April at Cafe Apres-midi. The event brought together the editor and artwork production team of this series, their friends, and even the staff of “Global Ride,” including designers and translators. The atmosphere was filled by good vibes with an array of fantastic music, and it was genuinely a delightful and lively gathering. During the event, our mutual friend and interior designer, Takashi Kobayashi, who runs the architectural firm ima, was spinning records. This month, I’d like to introduce a favourite song of mine that I remembered, “Ah, this one had a bicycle cover too!”

They are acclaimed as the best live band in America today, with a soulful sound that combines jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock, and gospel grooves. Tank and the Bangas shine as a prominent symbol of the current New Orleans scene. At the heart of the group is the sole female member, singer and poetry reader Tarriona “Tank” Ball, who is also highly active in guest performances with numerous artists, including Moonchild. In 2019, Tank and the Bangas released their major debut album, ‘Green Balloon,’ produced by the likes of Robert Glasper. The album features a beautifully designed cover with a monochrome photo adorned with a green balloon, making it a beloved favourite of mine. Among its tracks, “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.” stands out as an exceptional favourite tune of mine.

As you might gather from the title, the lyrics are incredibly charming and perfectly suited to the current era. At that DJ party, I couldn’t help but sing along with my friends during the chorus, where the title phrase is repeated. Tank and the Bangas’ works are rich in variety, fun, bright, and refreshing, making them captivating as a fantastical vocal album.

Incidentally, their second album, released in 2022, is titled ‘Red Balloon.’ One of the tracks, “Cafe Du Monde,” was a heavy play in my DJ sets. It’s a sophisticated number produced by Peter Cottontale of Chicago’s The Social Experiment, whom I adore. Cafe Du Monde is an open-air coffee stand in New Orleans, famous for its beignets and chicory coffee, and well-known as a tourist attraction.

Tank and the Bangas “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.”

#01 The Style Council “My Ever Changing Moods”
#02 Cordelia “Play Pretend”
#03 Corinne Bailey Rae “Put Your Records On”
#04 Georgie Fame ”Happiness”
#05 Alulu Paranhos “Bicicletinha”
#06 Motoharu Sano “Angelina”
#07 B.J. Thomas “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”
#08 The Smiths “This Charming Man”
#09 Dominic Miller “Bicycle”
#10 NewJeans “Bubble Gum”
#11 Tank and the Bangas “Smoke.Netflix.Chill.”


Toru Hashimoto (SUBURBIA)
Editor / Music Selector / DJ / Producer. Founder of Suburbia Factory. Owner of Shibuya’s “Cafe Apres-midi” and “Apres-midi Selecao.” Over 350 compilation CDs, including series like ‘Free Soul,’ ‘Mellow Beats,’ ‘Cafe Apres-midi,’ ‘Jazz Supreme,’ ‘Music With A View,’ and many others, have been curated, making him the world’s foremost selector. He oversees and produces music broadcast channels “usen for Cafe Apres-midi” and “usen for Free Soul” on USEN, wielding significant influence in Japanese music scene since the 1990s. In recent years, his ‘Good Mellows’ series with a focus on mellow chillout has gained great popularity both domestically and internationally.

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Dominic Miller

Monthly column “CYCLE MUSIC” where essays on bicycles and music are written every time. This time, let’s introduce a song called “Bicycle” by the renowned guitarist Dominic Miller. Born in Argentina to an American father and an Irish mother, Dominic Miller has long been hailed by the media as a “great and gentle storyteller.” Based in London for many years, he now resides in the South of France. However, he is perhaps best known for his illustrious career as Sting’s right-hand man. Sting has praised him as a “colourful architect of sound,” while Paul Simon, with whom he has also collaborated, has lauded his guitar playing as “ […]

B.J. Thomas “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”

It’s been a year since the passing of Burt Bacharach, the iconic composer of the 20th century. His art of songwriting, characterized by sophisticated yet beautiful melodies and vibrant, stylish arrangements that make full use of “Bacharach Magic” chord progressions and rhythm changes, along with bold and elegant structures, continues to captivate people’s hearts worldwide. His witty and imaginative compositions, combined with urban and deeply resonant lyrics (especially those of Hal David), create a timeless marriage that still resonates with people around the world, transcending generations.

#B.J. Thomas