Understand in 2 minutes! “BIKE NEW YORK (Five Boro Bike Tour)”

Hello. Following the HONOLULU CENTURY RIDE 2023, we are pleased to present the second edition of the “INFOGRAPHIC(*) GUIDE.”
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This time, we’ll be discussing the upcoming “BIKE NEW YORK,” scheduled for May 5th this year (Sunday). This event is known as the largest cycling event in the Northern Hemisphere, held in New York City, USA. Officially named the “TD FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR” (with “TD” representing the main sponsor, TD Bank), it involves cycling through the five boroughs of New York City and is eagerly anticipated by riders from across the United States.

The inaugural event took place in 1977. At that time, it originated from a bicycle education program and had around 200 participants, consisting of high school students and members of bicycle clubs. The route circled the five boroughs, covering a distance of about 50 miles. However, the following year, with the change in New York City’s mayor, there was a push to promote cycling, leading to a shorter, more family-friendly route of approximately 40 miles (about 64 km in today’s distance). It was also during this year that the event was officially named the “FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR.”

The 2024 event marks the 46th edition.
Currently, it is organized by “Bike New York,” a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cycling in New York City. To make the route safe and accessible for beginners and families, certain roads, highways, and bridges are closed to car traffic, allowing cyclists to participate with ease.
Let’s take a look at the route.

Departure is from Battery Park in downtown Manhattan. We’ll head north through Central Park from 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas), then loop around the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn before finishing in Staten Island. The hidden gem of this route, crossing five bridges to cover all five boroughs! With manageable inclines, you’ll experience the diverse New York City landscape as you pass through each borough. Enjoy the skyline and Brooklyn Bridge views while casually biking through the fresh greenery of New York at your own pace.

There’s also a wide variety of rental bikes available, making it the perfect lineup for enjoying your ride. Of course, many riders bring their own bikes, and you can also spot stylish New York-style ride styles. It’s interesting to see participants paying attention to design as well.

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30,000 riders power through the city that never sleeps.
Bike New York course highlights

Bike New York, to be held on Sunday, May 3, 2020, is a ride event that will take cyclists around the five boroughs(boro) of New York State: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. This is why it is called the “Five Boro Bike Tour” in the U.S. mainland. Although little known to the Japanese, the event is of a very large scale with more than 30,000 participants from all over the world. The course is 40 miles (about 64 km). The course is closed to traffic, allowing visitors to drive at a leisurely pace. This article introduces the highlights of the course, which is full of attractions that New York City has to offer.

New York Bicycle Travel Journal (3)
America’s Largest Bicycle Expo

The third installment of the New York City travelogue by popular bicycle youtuber, Kenta-san. Kenta-san participated in Bike New York 2019, and his video from New York City is now available. This time it’s at the Bike New York EXPO, which takes place the day before the event. Kenta-san came to the JAPAN booth to pick up his bib, and there were many goods of interest to Kenta-san for sale at the EXPO.

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Bike New York 🇺🇸

In the midst of Japan’s Golden Week. This year, the “FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR 2024” once again took over the streets of New York City.Unlike the blessed clear skies of 2023, temperatures hovered around 10°C. Near Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, where bike rentals were available in the early morning, the sea breeze made it feel even colder. Five Boro Bike TOur 20245th May 2023/64km Table of Contents 1. Packet pick up2. The starting point3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York.4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan. 1. Packet pick up 2. The starting point 3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York. 4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan.

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