New York Bicycle Travel Journal (4)
Ride through Manhattan with 30,000 riders

The fourth installment of the New York City travelogue by popular bicycle youtuber, Kenta-san.
Kenta-san participated in Bike New York 2019, and his video from New York City is now available.
This 4th installment is finally the day of Bike New York!
Here’s a video of this exceptional event, where the streets of Manhattan are closed to traffic!

*This article is a reprint of a June 2019 article.



Bike New York 🇺🇸

In the midst of Japan’s Golden Week. This year, the “FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR 2024” once again took over the streets of New York City.Unlike the blessed clear skies of 2023, temperatures hovered around 10°C. Near Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, where bike rentals were available in the early morning, the sea breeze made it feel even colder. Five Boro Bike TOur 20245th May 2023/64km Table of Contents 1. Packet pick up2. The starting point3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York.4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan. 1. Packet pick up 2. The starting point 3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York. 4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan.

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NewYork 🇺🇸
Port Douglas 🇦🇺
Honolulu 🇺🇸

Reflecting on 2023, as the year draws to a close, how has it been for all of you? It’s likely that riders from around the world have cycled through various locations this year. To wrap up the year, the Global Ride editorial team is bringing you a photo album from three international events: ‘BIKE NEW YORK (FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR)’ in New York City, ‘PORT DOUGLAS GRAN FOND FESTIVAL’ in Port Douglas, and ‘HONOLULU CENTURY RIDE’ in Honolulu. Enjoy the exclusive shots captured by our editorial team, different from the official photos!

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