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Hello readers. “INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE”, which started this time, is a corner where we unravel various aspects of fan rides, road races, and everything related to cycling in an easy-to-understand visual format.

The first edition is “Honolulu Century Ride 2023.” It is not only a tourist attraction but also one of the world’s best fan rides. The event will take place on September 24, 2023 (Sunday). Please enjoy the illustrations filled with fun and showcasing the breathtaking views (actually, almost the entire route offers stunning scenery) of this event, which has attracted many first-time participants.

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The “Honolulu Century Ride 2023” is a highly anticipated event as it marks its 40th anniversary. Whether you are a beginner participant, experienced rider, or enjoying with your family, this event is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their level of experience. One of the reasons for its popularity is the breathtaking scenery, pleasant climate, and lively atmosphere. After all, it’s Hawaii!

The road with dazzling morning sun❶, the breathtaking ocean view at Makapu’u Point❸, and the magnificent mountain ranges reminiscent of ancient Earth at Kualoa Ranch❺ are just a few of the many highlights along the route. There are plenty of scenic wonders that will make you forget about any fatigue.

The event offers four course options: 25 miles (40km), 50 miles (80km), 75 miles (120km), and 100 miles (160km), allowing participants to choose based on their fitness level and condition on the day of the event. This is particularly beneficial for beginners! As it is not a race focused on timing, it makes the event even more appealing to beginners.

There are a total of six aid stations along the route, which serve as drink stations, rest areas, and repair stations (two of them are only available on the return route). In true Hawaiian fashion, you can enjoy nutrition replenishment with delicious Spam sandwiches and fruits. They play a significant role in providing the necessary nutrients during the event.

The main event is packed with attractions and exciting points of interest, and according to the previous data, nearly half of the riders were participating for the first time.
*The data used is from the 2022 edition, which had travel restrictions due to the impact of COVID-19.

The rider population itself is predominantly male, but approximately 1/5 of the participants were female.

The age group of participants is mostly in their late 40s to early 60s, accounting for more than half of the participants. I wonder which mileage course everyone is riding…

And now, let’s take a look at the participation by country. As expected, the United States, the host country, has the highest number of participants. Surprisingly, Japan comes next. It’s probably because Hawaii is a familiar vacation destination for many Japanese people. With such a strong presence of fellow Japanese riders, even beginners can feel at ease participating in the event.

The “Honolulu Century Ride 2023” is also well-supported with Japanese assistance provided by the Hawaii Bicycling League. It’s a perfect event for those who are interested in experiencing an international cycling event. The deadline for pre-registration is scheduled for September 4, 2023. If you’re looking to end your summer vacation with an exhilarating ride, be sure to consider participating in this event. You can find more information and details by visiting the provided link.

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“Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

I also consulted with Mr. Ito, the initiator of TURE DE TSUMARI, who had just completed the event recently. When I mentioned that I needed advice, he said that he would first like to hear about my current situation. A true architect, I couldn’t help but admire his attention to detail. He also looked up the elevation differences for the HCR in advance and suggested that I should ride for the expected duration to get a sense of my stamina and riding style. It does make sense…!

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Honolulu Century Ride 2023 chronicle
#3 Hawaii was incredibly Hawaii.

What kind of impression comes to your mind when you hear about Hawaii? I’ve disliked it for as long as I can remember. I thought it was a place where celebrities go to frolic, where people ride banana boats and make a lot of noise, and it was filled with “ignorance-based prejudice.” I’ve never been a fan of glitzy things. I originally studied literature, and I’m actually quite introverted. I thought I’d never go there in my life. However, life is unpredictable. I was invited to participate in the Honolulu Century Ride for an article on this website. At 54 years old, I unexpectedly found myself embarking on my first trip to Hawaii. When I wrote on Facebook […]

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Aloha!The entry for this year’s Honolulu Century Ride has begun.The exhilaration of cycling in Hawaii is…Such a special experience that even after nine months, it hasn’t faded.After participating just once, I can understand how regular riders feel.This sense of freedom and accomplishment is addictive!What kind of scenery will we see this year? 🌈Let’s look back at last year’s event through photos. Table of Contents 1. September 24th, 2023 At the Entry Venue2. September 25th, 2023 On the Day of the Event 1. September 24th, 2023 At the Entry Venue 2. September 25th, 2023 On the Day of the Event What kind of ride awaits us this year?Let’s meet at the Honolulu Centur […]