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Mele of Bicycling Participation Report

Golden Week is the perfect season for riding, as it should be said. A state of emergency has been declared, forcing many events to be canceled, but the Mele of Bicycling, run by the Global Ride office, is an online event that you can still participate in. Participants who complete the event, which is based on the keyword “Feel Hawaii,” will receive a wonderful souvenir from Hawaii. In addition, there are partnerships with stores that offer special services to participating riders as Special Aids. The plan is to have Hawaiian food during the aid stations and ride the whole day in the Hawaiian spirit.

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Ring Ring Road ride report (1)
Enjoy the travel atmosphere in 45 minutes from Ueno Station.
Tsuchiura, a rider-friendly town, with a 110-km round trip around Lake Kasumigaura.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, cycle events around the world have been canceled, including the 2020 Bike New York and Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenges, which have now been unavoidably cancelled. On the other hand, many of us may have become more closely connected to bicycles in our daily lives, such as commuting by bicycle or taking up indoor cycling. Still, we are not the only ones who would still like to “travel by bicycle”…! It is also true that it is still difficult to travel long distances. So, we asked ourselves, “Where are some rides that are close and easy to get to, but still allow us to fully enjoy the feeling of traveling?” Here is what we came up with.

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