Editor M’s first-time participation, what to do? #2
“Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

I also consulted with Mr. Ito, the initiator of TURE DE TSUMARI, who had just completed the event recently. When I mentioned that I needed advice, he said that he would first like to hear about my current situation. A true architect, I couldn’t help but admire his attention to detail. He also looked up the elevation differences for the HCR in advance and suggested that I should ride for the expected duration to get a sense of my stamina and riding style. It does make sense…!

I received a unique perspective from my female senior who is involved in event management. She pointed out some aspects I hadn’t considered, such as the inevitability of getting sunburned on my face (the part not covered by sunglasses). She also mentioned that Wi-Fi connectivity can be challenging, so it’s important to check alternative means of communication for emergencies. I had been so focused on the race itself that I realized I should have prepared for the overseas trip as well.

I received some practical advice that made me think, “I might be able to do this after all.” However, my optimism was somewhat deflated when I spoke with Ishizuka, a former professional rider and cycling guide.

“You’ve never ridden before, right? Riding 80km as an amateur is tough. Don’t think it’ll be easy to create fun memories in Hawaii,” he cautioned.

It was quite sobering…


It’s best to get on the bike and hit the road as soon as possible.

Buying the uniform and getting used to it in actual conditions is a good idea.

I began to feel quite anxious. Choosing a uniform, especially considering the padding for the seat, seemed difficult.

For now, I’ll try to do everything they recommended in between work. I anticipate the possibility of retiring midway, but I have high hopes even though I haven’t trained for a minute. After all, it would be great to finish the race since I’m already committed to it.

My tendency to think things will work out somehow is already causing problems, haha. No, it’s not funny at all.

The first week of September has arrived, and I’m feeling a bit nervous. What worries me the most are fatigue and heatstroke (I know, pretty basic!). If anyone with experience has advice on what I should do in this regard, please share it here. I would greatly appreciate it!

To be continued…

Text_ Mayumi Kamura

I was supposed to practice during the summer, but it’s already the rice harvesting season.

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I’m a Global Ride editor. My expertise lies in visual expressions like design, art, fashion, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted me to focus on my physical and mental health. I started playing tennis and resumed taking contemporary dance lessons. Considering that bicycle-related accessories often boast high design quality, I have a feeling I might become a fan during this experience.

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