Editor M’s first-time participation, what to do? #4 “Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

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I experienced a refreshing feeling from the short practice with the temporary coach. Above all, I felt the pleasant sensation of the wind. Could creativity be born from here? Already, this amateur seems to be developing a habit…

I received advice that took up many scrolls. One thing I found very important for long rides was the following:

・Adjust the saddle position. Making a mistake here can lead to a posture that puts a strain on you (it’s okay if the bike allows adjustments along the way).

・Maintain a consistent cadence, even on inclines. For this, shift gears frequently.

・Try to pedal with the back of your thighs rather than your calves as much as possible. Don’t open your ankles too wide. It can lead to fatigue.

After finishing the practice, this feeling… and suddenly, memories of cycling long distances come back to me. It’s not from 20 years ago, but rather from five years ago when I cycled continuously for three days. It was in 2017 in a city called Münster in northern Germany.

Pierre Huyghe 《After ALife Ahead》2017

The international art exhibition known as “Skulptur Projekte Münster,” which is held every ten years, features artworks displayed throughout the city. These artworks can be found not only in museums but also on the walls of residences, disused tunnels, shops, corners of someone’s fields, even in the middle of rivers. The primary means of exploring this exhibition is by bicycle.

The television tower reminiscent of East German times. Below it was one of Aram Bartholl’s pieces, “3v/5v/12v.” The artwork was themed around “Fire, Light, Electric.”
Many people of all ages ride bicycles to explore the city. The traffic rules are strict, and if you deviate from the designated routes even a little, you’ll quickly be noticed and cautioned by the residents.

This large-scale art exhibition, which began in 1977, is said to have influenced Japan’s “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial” (an outdoor international art exhibition).

In Münster, I biked around the city to see almost all of the artworks. After the Honolulu Century Ride, I thought about visiting the Honolulu Museum of Art… I was already planning for after it had ended.

A holiday with a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 64%.

The following week, I headed to the Tama River for practice, almost in tears. My poor scheduling left me with no practice time at all. What I thought would be an easy participation in the event turned out to be tougher than expected after just a short ride. With only one week left before the event, I couldn’t manage to continue riding for the anticipated 8 hours or so (the 80km route is planned to be covered at an average speed of 10km/h, with time allotted for Spam rice ball breaks at the water stations). I initially thought it was okay not to finish, but now I’m fully committed.

I’m getting extremely anxious. Is everything going to be all right…?

To be continued…

Text_ Mayumi Kamura

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Mayumi Kamura
I’m a Global Ride editor. My expertise lies in visual expressions like design, art, fashion, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted me to focus on my physical and mental health. I started playing tennis and resumed taking contemporary dance lessons. Considering that bicycle-related accessories often boast high design quality, I have a feeling I might become a fan during this experience.