BIKE TALK 2022 「Hawaii, HBL Edition」
Honolulu Century Ride, Hawaii’s largest and most popular ride event that every rider should ride at least once.

“BIKE TALK” – Hawaii HBL Edition -, an online talk event organized by Global Ride, was held.

The Hawaii Bicycling League (HBL) is a non-profit organization that organizes the Honolulu Century Ride, the largest and most popular ride event in Hawaii that every rider wants to ride at least once.

Travis Counsell, Executive Director, and Abecchi A-1 of Sponavi Hawaii, an expert on Hawaii’s sporting events, were our guests to talk about Hawaii’s amazing scenery, new ways to enjoy bicycles that add color to your trip, life’s work, and the courses and culture popular among local riders.

The talk will be facilitated by Taro Shirato (sports navigator and representative of Athlonia), a triathlete who has participated in the “Honolulu Century Ride” many times himself. Please take a look.

*This article is a reprint of July 2022 article.

BIKE TALK 2022 1st 「Hawaii, HBL Edition」
presented by:Run&Ride

Click here to view the video of the Hawaii and HBL edition.

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