Bike New York 🇺🇸

In the midst of Japan’s Golden Week. This year, the “FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR 2024” once again took over the streets of New York City.
Unlike the blessed clear skies of 2023, temperatures hovered around 10°C. Near Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, where bike rentals were available in the early morning, the sea breeze made it feel even colder.

Five Boro Bike TOur 2024
5th May 2023/64km

“City Bike,” the rental bicycles scattered throughout the city. An essential means of transportation in New York.

Table of Contents

1. Packet pick up
2. The starting point
3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York.
4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan.

1. Packet pick up

Bike New York entrance
“Global Ride” booth. Next to it is Ehime Prefecture’s “Cycling Shimanami.

2. The starting point

In the VIP area, New York bagels and scones are lined up.
Global Ride rider Karen Maruyama stands in the center of the empty starting line.
The relaxed time before the start.
Over 30,000 participants gathered again this year.

3. Fun ride around the five islands of New York.

In front of the church, they cheer us on every year with gospel.
Racing through Central Park.
Bananas served at the aid stations.
Also, DJs.
Participating with friends or a team makes it even more enjoyable.
Global Ride rider Daisaku Kawase takes a commemorative photo with the NYPD (New York State Police).
While gazing at the graffiti painted across the city.
Scenery visible from the highway, where one wouldn’t normally ride under any circumstances.

4. The finish line, and back to Manhattan.

After the finish line, you can replenish with various foods.
“Shut Down the Manhattan Bridge!?”
A Report on Dominating and Riding Through the Five Boroughs of New York! (part 1)

An Extraordinary Experience: Racing Through Manhattan The “FIVE BORO BIKE TOUR,” commonly known as Bike New York, is held every May in New York City. It’s the largest event of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere, drawing cycling enthusiasts from around the world. About 30,000 people gathered with smiles on their faces, and of course, I was one of them. I wondered what kinds of bicycles everyone would be riding and what sights I would see as the morning of the event arrived. Around 5:30 a.m., in the dim light, I first rented a bicycle. They helped me choose a bike that fit my size and even adjusted the saddle, giving me a sense of security right from the start. It’s am […]