Editor M’s first-time participation, what to do? #7
“Inexperienced rider at the Honolulu Century Ride 2023”

The 80km ride completed!

Two days after the event. I’m writing this while looking at the surfers off the coast of Wikiki Beach. It’s the best workcation.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the southern islands, so I felt like, “Hawaii, huh?” But… Hawaii is amazing! I’m starting to understand why people keep saying that. Better late than never! I think it’s all thanks to completing the fan ride…

The main topic.

I will write the details in a separate report, but I completed the 80 km fan ride within the time limit. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, and it’s such a clear and wonderful feeling. How many times in life do you get to feel like this? I never expected to receive such an amazing experience from my first Honolulu Century Ride and my first time in Hawaii.

It’s filled with elements of beginner’s luck, but that’s why I genuinely believe that anyone interested should give it a try.

Without further ado, here are the points I think are crucial for completing the ride:

1. Guidance and Advice from Seniors
I received precise guidance and advice on essential information for cycling as a sport, including how to ride a bicycle, pedaling techniques for long distances, the right mindset, and muscle training methods. This encompasses events up to 3 episodes in this series. Additionally, I received instructions on how to get on and off the bicycle from the on-site rental staff. Without this guidance, I probably would have tired my legs excessively, and it would have been impossible.

2.Support and Expectations

I was surprised at how encouraging the cheers from fellow riders during the ride could be. I think I now understand a little bit how athletes feel when they say, “Your cheers mean so much to us.” Additionally, the support and expectations from family and friends were motivating. In my case, the words, “I don’t want to see Mayumi (not completing the ride)” really hit home.

I’m the type who thrives under pressure… (*Details in a separate article)

3.Being Prepared
I received advice from senior staff about things like salt intake (having something salty with you), protecting yourself from the sun, and what to bring for the ride, which I prepared for shortly before the event by purchasing them locally. Being prepared in this way reduced my anxiety and had a significant impact on my mental and physical well-being.

It might seem like common sense, but when participating for the first time, I was constantly amazed by how effective these preparations were. The experiences of those who came before us are truly invaluable.

Additionally, I was conscious of my breathing technique and adapting to the temperature. To ensure my body received enough oxygen, I practiced breathing in through my nose and exhaling deeply through my mouth. I also made an effort to ride longer distances during the cooler morning hours. The process of putting on and taking off my uniform was also quite meticulous. I packed my bag to the brim with gear, to the point where people wondered how much I was carrying, but it gave me a sense of security.

Starting with a fall and a punctured rear tire, completing the ride was a truly emotional experience…
(*I will write about this episode in a separate article.)

I had a lot of doubts and worries before the departure, but I managed to complete the beginner’s fan ride. Thank you very much to @yamamo_216, who left a comment on Instagram, @delta728, who cheered me on while riding on-site, and everyone who supported and cared about me. I have a strong feeling that life is about to change significantly. 🌈

As I bask in the exhilaration of completing the ride, savor the comfort of Hawaii, and cherish the unique encounters of the fan ride, I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. While I’m lost in this pleasant feeling, it’s time to head back… I’ve truly become enamored with Hawaii and the Honolulu Century Ride.

A hui hou 🩵

To be continued…

Next time, I’ll share a collection of accidents where I didn’t disappoint my own expectations.

Text_ Mayumi Kamura

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